Entre Nous Femmes Housing Society (ENF) was started in 1984 by three women who wanted to improve their own lives and the lives of other single mothers and their children. 

Realizing that safe, secure and affordable housing was a necessary first step to stability and forward movement in life, they established ENF to develop housing especially geared to the needs of single-parent families.

“It came out of a group of single mothers’ need to effect change.”  April English, founding member of ENF

“People were acting out of their own experience, having gone through tough times and recognizing a way out.”
Leslie Stern, founding member of ENF

“We came to it with the idea that we could do it, we came from a positive place, moving to make life better for us and others like us.”  Mia Stewart (nee Cross), founding member of ENF.

The Society was incorporated under the Society Act of British Columbia on February 25, 1985 and registered with Revenue Canada as a charitable organization.

In 1986, the Society opened its first building, Alma Blackwell in East Vancouver.

The Society’s next building, Beatrice Terrace, also in East Vancouver, opened in 1987.

The third building, Antkiw Court, again in East Vancouver, opened in 1988.

Two buildings opened in 1991, Jessica Place in Surrey and Margaret Heights in North Vancouver.

Two more buildings opened in 1992, Constance Court in East Vancouver and Natalia Terrace in South Vancouver.

The last building to be built, Evelyn Estates, opened in 1993.

On July 1, 2008, Entre Nous Femmes Housing Society became the new owner of Rosemary Green, a 38 unit townhouse complex located in South Surrey.

On the same date, the society known as SPAHS (1997) Ltd. came under the stewardship of Entre Nous Femmes Housing Society, bringing with it a 52 unit townhouse complex in the Newton area of Surrey.

That brought the total portfolio to 345 housing units.

It was with great pleasure that ENF announced on December 1, 2010, that the Society had taken over the ownership and management of Capilano House, a 64 suite seniors housing building, located in North Vancouver. 

This brings ENF's total portfolio to 409 housing units.