The goals (or ‘ends’) of Entre Nous Femmes Housing Society are to ensure that…

Economically disadvantaged persons in the greatest number possible within the Metro Vancouver Area (GVRD) have the opportunity for their lives to be enhanced by secure, safe, affordable, and appropriate homes to an extent that justifies the use of all available resources; and that

1) Tenants have a safe, secure and respectful environment;
2) Homes are affordable and provide an appropriate standard of living;
3) The community is clean and aesthetically pleasing;
4) There is a diverse community.

Volunteer Day at Jessica Place

In early 2014, the ‘U40’ committee of the Greater Vancouver Home Builders Association voted to support ENF by visiting one of its communities to provide physical labour to help with a project. 

In May of that year a large team of volunteers descended on Jessica Place to do a major landscape cleanup at the property. One of the volunteers, who is also an amateur filmmaker, produced a short video. She interviewed tenants, volunteers and an ENF staff member. 

We hope you enjoy this video and a big thanks to all the kind volunteers from the Greater Vancouver Home Builders Association who made the day such a success!